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Carney on Ramsay by John Carney - DVD
Lessons for all who wish to understand the art and science of misdirection John Ramsay was one of th..
Chicarnery by John Carney - DVD
More magic from Carneycopia. An Everywhere and Nowhere routine with a surprising finish, a Borrowed ..
Classic Carney by John Carney - DVD
Critics proclaim this one of the more robust of Mr. Carney's videos. Made during his "Carneycopia" p..
Commercial Carney by John Carney - DVD
Further magic from Carneycopia. Includes an Aces up the Sleeve routine, a very direct version of the..
Video of Secrets Vol. 1 by John Carney - DVD
Five routines from The Book of Secrets. This DVD contains John's practical handling of the cigars fr..
Video of Secrets Vol. 2  by John Carney - DVD
This DVD contains five more ideas from The Book of Secrets. John explains several very visual method..
Wizard Academy by Mr. Mysto and John Carney - Book
John Carney Reveals Mr. Mysto's Secrets! Great gift for budding magicians!Simple tricks are often th..

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