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Cody S. Fisher

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Bet Your Bucks by Cody Fisher - Trick
The Routine: First of all from an entertainment viewpoint it is VERY commercial. The routine begins ..
Cody's Comedy Confabulation by Cody Fisher - Book
The magician tries to read the minds of the audience several times and does in fact succeed BUT in t..
Counterfeit Money (Props and DVD) by Cody Fisher - DVD
This is Cody's fantastic handling for the classic "Pen Thru Bill" effect. There have been many versi..
Lightning by Peter the Adequate presented by Cody Fisher
This routine is straight out of Peter's (and Cody's) corporate comedy act. The Lightning Wrist Tie e..
Silk 2 Egg by Cody Fisher - Book
A Two Person Silk-To-Egg Routine with a Surprise DOUBLE Climax!The Effect: The magician takes a silk..
Sleightly Original by Cody Fisher - DVD
If you have ever attended one of Cody's magic lectures you know that he has quite a bit of highly or..

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