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Cosmo's Card Box - Tricks
From the creator of "Q: the Quantum Connection"...If you've ever had a routine where switching a car..
Exodus by Cosmo Solano - Trick
Effect8 Cards are removed from a Bicycle Deck of playing cards. They are handed to a spectator who m..
International Pocket Change by Cosmo Solano - Tricks
From the creator of SHOPAHOLIC!, "Q" and NEWSWORTHY! comes an organic, all natural magic effect with..
Joker Monte by Cosmo Solano - Trick
Monte style effect where the Queen of Hearts is impossible to follow! Finally a paper clipped is use..
Newsworthy by Cosmo Solano - Tricks
From the creator of "International Pocket Change", "Q" and "SHOPAHOLIC!" comes an organic, all natur..
Prodigal Aces by Cosmo Solano - Trick
Four separate piles are laid on the table, each clearly containing one of the four aces... Without a..
Shopaholic! by Cosmo Solano - Tricks
Shopaholic! - A "Q-Singles" EffectNew from the Creator of "Q" The Quantum Connect and International ..
Spectrum 52 Deck by US Playing Card
Now, the Spectrum Deck has come into it's own, Spectrum 52 is a self branded deck of beautiful playi..
Spectrum Edge Deck by US Playing Card
The "half spade" was put on the cards and the SPECTRUM EDGE deck was born!The Cards...The Spectrum E..
Super Clipped by Cosmo Solano - Trick
Not since TWISTED SISTER, NFW, ULTIMATE 3 CARD MONTE, has there been a card routine this powerful! E..
The Lexican by Cosmo Solano - Book
3 Common Puzzle books 49 puzzles each 147 puzzles total Over 3,675 Possible "Answers" Completely fre..

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