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3 Ball Routine by Danny Archer - Trick
EffectA rubber ball is magically produced, which then vanishes and reappears. One ball magically bec..
Animental trick
The magician/mentalist displays four laminated plaques each bearing various full color pictures of a..
Big Bucks by Danny Archer - Trick
EffectFour jumbo tens visibly change to four jumbo hundreds right before their eyes... Each and ever..
Birthday Banner trick
EffectThe magician displays a number of loose birthday cards as he talks about the way people celebr..
Coin Card (Blue) by Danny Archer - Trick
Coin Card trick (blu)..
Coin Card (Red) by Danny Archer - Trick
Coin Card trick (red)..
COINvention (2 DVD set), DVD
A Magical Event of Historic proportions took place in Las Vegas, Nevada. Many of the greatest n..
Connoisseur Special trick
Three cards are displayed, (say an Ace between two Black 5`s). First the Ace turns face down. Next a..
Emergency Card trick
A card is selected, and the magician attempts to read spectator's mind and fails. He removes an Emer..
Eye Exam trick
EffectIt`s two... two... two tricks in one. You can perform it as a card revelation or a packet tric..
GI Bill trick Danny Archer
EFFECT: A toy paratrooper is tossed into the audience to select a volunteer. A bill is borrowed, sig..
Grandpa's Deck trick
EffectAs you relate the story about your beloved Grandpa Harry, who taught who magic, you exhibit a ..
In a Pigs Eye trick
EffectHere is five minutes of hilarious audience-tested comedy mentalism. Words don`t do this triple..
Lucky Lotto Refill by Danny Archer
Refill for Lucky Lotto.You get 100 tickets (four different force cards - 25 of each)The lottery tick..
Lucky Lotto trick
EffectYou`ll be an instant winner when you perform Lucky Lotto. You can do it for one person, a smal..
Matchbox Mambo trick
EffectTwo matchboxes are shown and the drawer of one box is opened and they are placed end to end. W..
One-to-a-Hundred by Danny Archer Magic - Trick
If you could only see this performed live! One of the cleanest, most magical bill switches you will ..
Sneak Preview by Danny Archer - DVD
A devastating mentalism routine. You reveal the name of their favorite movies.Sneak Preview will qui..

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