Dave Powell

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Blindfold (Metal)
EffectThe Deluxe Metal Blindfold is the perfect addition to any magic or mental act. The blindfold a..
Card Fountain by Dave Powell - Trick
EFFECT: Magician removes the entire deck of cards from the case and set the case on the table in fro..
Ghost Bottle trick
EffectImagine having a coke bottle that can automatically and visibly drink itself. The ghost bottle..
Invisible Card Punch by Dave Powell - Trick
With the Invisible Card Punch you will be able to achieve amazing card effects by making a small bum..
Match To Cigarette by David Powell - Trick
EffectThe performer strikes a match to light it. As the match burns, the performer puts it into his ..
Micro Writer by Dave Powell - Trick
The New Powell Micro Writer is perfect when you prefer an adhesive Boon-type nail writer for close-u..
Needle Thru Arm
EFFECT: A large needle is visibly pierced through the forearm of the magician. It is moved back and ..
Spring Fan by Powell - Trick
EffectA fan of cards magically appears from thin air! Dave Powell's Spring Fan is great for instant ..
Swami Thumb Writer (Pencil Lead) by Powell Magic - Trick
Dave Powell's Swami Writer Trick Imagine being able to predict the amount of change in anyone's pock..

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