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David Forrest

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Ambitio by David Forrest - Trick
After several years in development, Dave Forrest finally presents his ULTIMATE finale for the 'Ambit..
Attack Of The Copper Silver Coin by Cameron Francis and David Forrest - DVD
Earlier this year, Dave Forrest and Cameron Francis, two of magic's most notorious creators, met up ..
Autobahn by David Forrest - Trick
EffectWhat if you could perform the classic ACAN effect while you were STROLLING or HOPPING TABLES a..
Automata 2 by Gary Jones and Dave Forrest - DVD
'Automata 2' marks the second instalment of the smash hit self-working series from Full 52 Productio..
Cubism by David Forrest - Trick
CUBISM. It's a chop cup - but not as we know it! Years in development, Dave Forrest has finally real..
Damage by David Forrest - Trick
DAVE FORREST'S 'DAMAGE' - THE ESSENCE OF T&R!Effect: A card is selected and signed. You tear a large..
Dave Forrest's REM (DVD and Gimmicks) - DVD
"I saw Dave baffle the sh*t out of a large room of magicians with this beauty! This is always in my ..
Deception Vol. 1 by David Forrest - DVD
Dave Forrest (creator of 'Colour Burn' and 'Nothing In Transit') is back with 'DECEPTION', a new col..
DeLorian Signed Card Under Cellophane by Dave Forrest - DVD
DeLorian is a show stopping 'Signed Card to Impossible Location' effect that can be performed at any..
Developmental David Forrest
An odd backed, blank faced card becomes printed with the face of a signed card in the spectators h..
Double Decker by David Forrest - Trick
'Double Decker' is a trick booklet describing the construction of a gimmicked deck and card case whi..
Encased by David Forrest - DVD
Imagine you have any card freely selected and signed then lost back into the pack. Now imagine that ..
Fandango - Part 1 by David Forrest - Book
NOW AVAILABLE AS A BOOKLET!David Forrest's FANDANGO - Close up magic for the real world. Part 1. Par..
Fandango - Part 2  by David Forrest -  Book
NOW AVAILABLE AS A BOOKLET! Part 2 in the 'Fandango' series continues with yet more innovative close..
Focus (DVD and Gimmicks) by Full 52 - DVD
Dave Forrest's FOCUS - an inexplicable drawing duplication... and SO much more. FOCUS is a set of tw..
Forrest's 3 by David Forrest - DVD
"Dave has done it again! Using common principles in uncommon ways he has created some killer commerc..
Fortune (DVD and Gimmick) by Dave Forrest - DVD
EFFECT: You show your spectator three photographs. "One of these guys was REALLY lucky, and I want y..
Fresh Mint 2.0 by Cameron Francis - DVD
You display a small tin, wrapped in a rubber band, bearing the words 'TIME CAPSULE' - this is left i..

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