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3 Card Canasta ( Color Varies )by Docc Hilford - Trick
In the early 1960s Chan Canasta was the master of apparent mind control. A recently discovered video..
Black Moon by Docc Hilford - Book
"Yang is the male. It is white and the sun. But Yin is the woman. It is BLACK and the MOON." - Lao T..
Book Of Numbers Vol. 1 (Mestha) by Docc Hilford - Trick
Contained within this tome are the detailed secrets of six mentalistic miracles. Beyond his original..
Book Of Numbers Volume Three (Tuamautef) by Docc Hilford - Trick
Professionals and amateurs alike have been wildly enthusiastic about the first two volumes of The Bo..
Book Of Numbers Volume Two (Qebhsennuf) by Docc Hilford - Trick
If you thought number mentalism was about arithmetic, you don't know The Book of Numbers! In this, t..
Cellular Mitosis by Docc Hilford - Book
This is the trick that's so strong ,Docc Hilford has closed his 30 minute mentalism show with it. Th..
CM2 - Cellular Mitosis 2 by Docc Hilford - Book
The Highest Level of Cell Work The final book in a series of thirty is perhaps Docc Hilford's greate..
Dark Cloak by Docc Hilford - Book
Learn how to become another person, know their secrets and deepest feelings even though these though..
Hey Mr. DJ by Docc Hilford - Book
Mentalism You Can Dance To! Music is a big part of the entertainment at weddings, bar mitzvahs and g..
Invisible Stranger by Docc Hilford - Book
It hides in Shadows and Impersonates the Innocent Frustrated with complicated billet peeks that are ..
It's a Lu Lu by Docc Hilford - Book
A perfect startling new way to read minds! Imagine working high end night clubs with a deck of cards..
Jagged Edge (With DVD) by Docc Hilford - Book
Has these important features: No switching of papers.  Only one paper is used. No carbons in..
Little Black Book Test by Docc Hilford - Trick
Book tests are as popular with mentalists as cut and restored rope tricks are with magicians. Finall..
Nostrum Necromancy by Docc Hilford - Trick
Three Routines in One Book This book has three very strong mental routines that will get you noticed..
Number 6 by Docc Hilford - Book
A Professional Routine for Advanced Thinkers In the past, great mind readers such as Charles Foster,..
Questa (Q and A System) by Docc Hilford - Trick
Effect The performer asks an audience member to pass cardboard slips and pens to the audience. Every..
Rasputin's Secret by Docc Hilford - Book
From the pages of history a name stands out as one of the greatest mystics of all time, Rasputin! Hi..
REFILL Black Moon by Docc Hilford - Book
This is a Black Moon REFILL package. Included are two gimmicked pads for the effect Black Moon. The ..

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