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Basic Cups & Balls Technique book - Ron Bauer
This short but sneaky version of the Cups and Balls is a good way to get acquainted with the essen..
Chick Trick - Ron Bauer
Learn to "think like a conjurer," and entertain your audiences! Using any deck of cards, y..
Complete Don Alan Chop Cup book by Ron Bauer
This is a comprehensive depiction of Don Alan's theories, handling, and presentation of the Chop..
Jim Bergstrom's Hat Trick #22 by Ron Bauer - Book
Here's another treat for your audiences! Ron Bauer has just released #22 in his Private Studies seri..
Ron Bauer 2008 Lecture Notes (Revised Edition) - Book
Ron Bauer has completely revised his 2008 Lecture Notes and if you didn't get Ron Bauer's lecture no..
Ron Bauer Series: #1 - Gadabout Coins Revisited - Book
From the man who needs to carry three lucky coins! A whimsical rationalization for carrying three ha..
Ron Bauer Series: #10 - Charlie Miller's Left-Handed Hank - Book
From the man who made an unfortunate purchase! Due to a manufacturing defect (accidental or deliber..
Ron Bauer Series: #11 - Ron Bauer's Mechanical Deck - Book
From the man who wants close-up magic to be as easy as stage magic! You can make any deck of cards,..
Ron Bauer Series: #12 - Paul Chosse's Bar Bill Stunt - Book
From the man who will tip his hat, but not his thumb! The old "dollar bill stunt" of folding and un..
Ron Bauer Series: #13 - Senator Crandall's Cut Up Card Trick - Book
From the man who claims credit for spicy peanut butter! Here's your chance to become an instant p..
Ron Bauer Series: #14 - Four Squares & A Knot - Book
Here's a visually magical and hilarious opening stunt in which the performer uses colors to "psych..
Ron Bauer Series: #15 - Siamese Goose Eggbag - Book
From the man who collects despite his unfortunate situation!   Now you can give the impression to ..
Ron Bauer Series: #16 - Ed Marlo's Time Machine - Book
With Your trusty pack, a few business cards and a pen, you show your audience how it feels to go b..
Ron Bauer Series: #17 - Second Finger Top Deal - Book
Here is perhaps the easiest way to make people believe you're a master card cheat. First, show tha..
Ron Bauer Series: #18 - Xerox Money - Book
From the man who believes that he can actually get something for nothing! Has Xerox secretly inve..
Ron Bauer Series: #19 - Milt Kort's All Outs Think of a Card Milt - Book
In addition to being a delightfully direct discovery of a thought of card, this is the ideal way t..
Ron Bauer Series: #2 - Sudden Death Gypsy Curse - Book
From the man who's ancestor almost invented 3-Card Monte...he was just one card off! This handling ..
Ron Bauer Series: #21 - Brother Hamman's Final(ly) Aces - Book
From the man who often prefers the other guy's high cards!Finally, a Four Ace Trick becomes an absol..

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