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Air Borne (for Soda or Wine) - Trick
The magician shows one empty glass and a full bottle of coke. He proceeds to pour the beverage into ..
Amazing Split Sunflower by Premium Magic - Trick
This is another version of Wilting Rose or Dropping Flower. However, in this version the magician ho..
Anti-Gravity Flower Pot( 2 pcs items - wand and gimmick ) by Premium Magic - Trick
This is an old magic trick with a twist.Effect: The magician is seen holding a flower pot in one han..
Appearing Dice From Bag by Premium Magic - Trick
Effect: The performer shows a paper bag to be completely empty. All the sides of the bag are display..
Bare Hand Spring Flower (16) by Premium Magic - Trick
This package includes 16 small spring flowers. These are perfect for an opener!..
Blindfold (Driving) - Trick
This blindfold is one of the finest on the market today. The blindfold can be inspected (tried on) b..
Break away Fan by Mr. Magic (stainless Steel)
You take out a Japanese fan to use for a volunteer to hold. Next you ask him of her to be VERY caref..
Breakaway Wand (with extra piece & replacement cord) by Mr. Magic - Trick
This is a true piece of comedy magic! You hand a volunteer a solid magic wand. As soon as you turn y..
Busking Cups & Balls(Large / Alum) by Premium Magic - Trick
Cups and Balls is probably the oldest magic that we have to come to know. What you get: 3 aluminum c..
Candy Factory by Mr. Magic - Trick
The Performer shows a beautiful, empty cylinder and a glass full of colored sugar or Liquid. The Per..
Card Go Plus Jumbo(Inlaid) - Trick
A jumbo card is chosen and placed into a beautiful wooden frame and covered with a scarf. The covere..
Chain Escape (with Stock & 2 Locks) by Mr. Magic - Trick
Imagine having a member from the audience chain you up; and within seconds you are able to escape! T..
Change Bag with Turning Handle (jumbo) by Premium Magic - Trick
A change bag is a classic magical utility prop that had numerous uses. You can use it to make someth..
Chinese Sticks (Finished wood) - Trick
This is a classic item that goes very well with rapid fire humorous patter. In effect, the performer..
Clear forcing Bag by Premium Magic - Trick
This is a magical utility prop that can be used in various ways in magic as well in mentalism. Since..
Cobra Tie in Basket - Trick
The magician borrows a tie from a member of the audience. The tie is placed into a wicker basket. Th..
Coin Dropper ( Dumper )by Premium Magic - Trick
A Coin Dropper is a secret accessory for the magician which supplies him with a handful of coins whe..
Color Changing Rose by Mr. Magic - Trick
The performer shows a beautiful yellow rose. He then turns the rose completely around to show all si..

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