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Fooler Doolers - Daryl

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3 Fly III (with DVD) by Daryl - Trick
EffectAfter fifteen years of development, Daryl's excellent handling of this beautiful, classic coin..
53 On 1  (BLUE BACK) by Daryl - Trick
This is a single, poker size, red Bicycle Rider backed card that is 100% perfect in every detail! Th..
53 On 1  (RED BACK) by Daryl - Trick
This is a single, poker size, red Bicycle Rider backed card that is 100% perfect in every detail! Th..
Acrobatic Knot (with DVD) by Daryl - Trick
EffectThis incredible routine begins when a white knot jumps from a white rope onto a red rope. You ..
Audio Transposition by Daryl
An amazing new twist on the idea of a magician vanishing something and making it appear somewhere el..
Bizarre Assembly by Fooler Doolers - Trick
Here is a great little packet trick that you will want to perform over and over again! Four spectato..
Bounce Across by Fooler Dooler and Daryl - Trick
EffectOne spectator holds a rubber ball while another spectator holds a piece of modeling clay. The ..
Crossed Thought by Daryl - Trick
EffectThis is a mind-boggler that is sure to amaze any audience. A spectator counts 10 cards, which ..
Daryl's Rope Routine by Daryl - Trick
Several successful magicians have told Daryl that they make their full time living performing this o..
Double Crossed (with DVD) by Daryl - Trick
EffectThis is the cleanest and most baffling version of the cards across effect EVER! Twenty cards, ..
Easily Influenced by Daryl - Trick
EffectThis trick is fun and very easy to do. Two cards are selected from an ordinary deck. Three Eas..
Enchanted Cube by Fooler Dooler - Trick
Magically 'Solve' the Rubik's cube instantly! Now you too can perform this beautiful and visual stun..
Fiedlers Flier by Daryl - Trick
EffectA spectator shuffles the deck and then selects a card in a very fair manner. Without any moves..
Fooler Droolers Lecture Notes by Daryl - Book
Didn't have a chance to see Daryl's lecture at the 2003 Blackpook Magician's Convention? No problem,..
Group Session (with DVD) by Daryl - Trick
EffectImagine having control over your audience! You, as the magician, cause your audience to magica..
Half A Transposition by Daryl - Trick
EffectTwo playing cards are selected and each if folded in half. Both cards are pressed together and..
Hyper-Bent-Elation by Fooler Dooler - Trick
Effect Two cards are selected and signed before being openly cut, folded and passed through "the fou..
Jumping Jacks by Daryl - Trick
EffectThis is Daryl's special routine and handling for the classic $100.00 Ace Assembly. The four ja..

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