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1 800 Go Ghost by G Sparks - Trick
"The chosen card travels, ghost like into a card box, that comes to life." A CARD TRICK WITH REAL AN..
Airborne Clipo by G Sparks - Trick
"Now use a 12oz Coca-Cola Can for the Airborne Illusion." With Sparks Clipo Gimmick, and a 12oz Coca..
Airborne Close Up by G Sparks
"Double Whammy Influence, Two Tricks with one Great prop." Airborne Gum Numb, "The Dentist gives you..
Airborne Flower Power by G Sparks - Trick
"Three Great Effects in this Wonderful Airborne Routine." You show a Single Stem Flower Vase holding..
Airborne Party Glass by G Sparks - Trick
"Two Gimmicked Glasses for Twice as Much Fun." Be The Life of The Party Airborne Options, Whiskey, W..
Airborne with the Greatest of Ease by G Sparks - Trick
One of the finest and simplest of stage illusions... the floating glass! While talking to the audien..
Airborne With The Greatest Of Ease Limited Edition by G Sparks - Trick
"This is the Best Plastic Bottle I have found to date." In Celebration of the New Airborne Image, G ..
Blast Off by G Sparks
"Blast Off adds a magic bang & flash to any close-up wonder."THIS REALLY DOES PACK SMALL AND PLAY BI..
Bottled Spirits by G Sparks - Trick
A Miser's Dream Routine using five USA Half Dollars a glass and a 50ml bottle,with Dia Vernon's coin..
Bullet Catch 22 by G Sparks - trick
 The most dangerous trick in the world!!!  "It`s a wonderful idea and a clever trick."- Paul Harris ..
Bullet Catch 22 Limited Edition by G Sparks - Trick
These Limited Editions of 70 each, are the Complete Tricks with the following Special Features:Packa..
Bullet Catch No Switch by G Sparks - TRICK
A Bullet Catch with No Gun, No Assistant and No Switch.The 38 Special Nickel Plated Bullet has, Grea..
Bullet Catch No Switch Limited Edition by G Sparks - Trick
These Limited Editions of 70 each, are the Complete Tricks with the following Special Features: Pack..
Bullet Hole by G Sparks
"A Bullet and a Playing Card, create a perfect illusion." A 38 Special Nickel Plated Bullet and a Pl..
Card to Pocket RC by G Sparks - Trick
"A classic trick, now with push button ease."VISUAL COMEDY MAGICA QUICK SHOT CARD THAT ALWAYS WINSE..
Champagne Surprise trick
EFFECT:  This is the most elegant way to vanish and reproduce a borrowed bill in the world! You borr..
Coin Can Magic by G Sparks - Trick
"The Misers Dream Comes to the Modern World." Appear a Coin from Thin Air Produce 12 Half Dollars fr..
Coin Flight by G Sparks - Trick
"A coin flies from one hand to another while held by a spectator." VERY EASY AND VISUAL PURSES THAT ..

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