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George Tait

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Applesauce by Patrick G. Redford - Book
If you're a fan of any card at any number, 51 faces north, or even just simple hard hitting card mag..
Heptagon by Patrick Redford
Powerful Mentalism Performable Over the Phone or in Person! As part of a 5 comic book series, Heptag..
Hexagon by Patrick Redford - Book
Six Impromptu effects that harness time. Patrick Redford Returns with six impromptu effects! Be The ..
Pentagon by Patrick Redford
Pentagon boasts five impromptu routines + a few hidden surprises all featuring some of the coolest s..
Psychology for the Mentalist by Andy Luttrell - Book
Psychology for the Mentalist is a well referenced graduate course in Social Psychology. The techniqu..
Small World by Patrick G. Redford - Book
A hard-hitting, ten-card effect that's out of this world! Small World is a powerful, three-phase car..
Temporarily Out of Order by Patrick Redford - Book
Temporarily Out of Order is focused on memorized deck magic and stack work. It reintroduces The Redf..
The Infinite End by Patrick Redford - Trick
An Uncanny Demonstration of Subliminal Persuasion "This grid of nine images holds the power to contr..
Triangle by Patrick G. Redford - Book
The secret is out! Well... not one secret, but three new routines from Patrick Redford. Triangle is ..

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