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Another Invisible Mark by I-Magic - Trick
The magician shows 4 cards, each card has the same red-back.He says he is going to reveal the secret..
Arm Band Mystery by Hiro Sakai - Trick
EffectHiro Sakai brings to you another great trick called "Armband Mystery". An amazing mysterious t..
Cards Dr. Leon Deck (Yellow) by Hiro Sakai - Trick
This is a new, different looking deck.Manufactured to the exacting specifications of both Hiro Sakai..
Dead Angle by Satoshi Toyoda - Trick
You borrow a bill and slide it into the paper frame. Then taking a needle with a ribbon tied to the ..
Hope Deck for Japanese Relief by US Playing Card - Trick
This is a charity deck for earthquake victims in Japan. A portion of your purchase will go directly ..
Recipe by Hiro Sakai - Trick
EffectUsing this envelope, you can perform the effect of change. For example, a white paper change i..
Sewing Escape by Foresight - Trick
EffectThe Magician places a ring into a clear plastic bag and begins to sew the top of the bag with ..
Telekinesis Deck - Trick
Incredible Super- Psychokinesis! You've never seen such an amazing box like this before. Here are it..
The Nest of Gecko (Left Handed) by Hiro Sakai - Trick
Specialized holder for Jim Rosenbaum's The Gecko designed by Hiro Sakai and Kenji Kobayashi. This ve..
Wizard Wand - Trick
EffectHigh-quality plastic, wooden-styled wand that illuminates a colored led at the front tip while..

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