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Al Schneider Lecture DVD by International Magic - DVD
Prior to recording this excellent lecture, Al Schneider presented a workshop for a group of 40 magic..
Albert Goshman Lecture by International Magic - DVD
Something rare and very special from our archives. In 1985, the legendary Albert Goshman gave a perf..
Ali Bongo Lecture by International Magic - DVD
Ali Bongo needs no introduction to the magical fraternity. Word renowned for his enthusiastic and un..
An Introduction to Flash Products by Scott Penrose and International Magic - DVD
The use of a 'Flash product' is the perfect way to enhance a magic trick. Yet, there is very little ..
An Introduction to Mind Reading and Mental Magic - David Jones by International Magic - DVD
Ideal for those who want to learn this incredibly baffling and popular form of magic. This DVD teach..
Anthony Owen Lecture by International Magic - DVD
Anthony Owen is well-known as a BAFTA and Rose D'or award winning television magic producer and exec..
Bob Read Collection (4 DVD Set) - DVD
Robert Graham Read ("Bob" to one and all) was one of the unique figures in magic. Bob was the greate..
Colour Changing Shoelace by Dynamo - DVD
Dynamo's Colour Changing Shoelace was used in the Adidas advert 2006 and was one of the tricks he pe..
Counts, Cuts & Moves by International Magic - DVD
A DVD that concentrates on teching the vital moves and counts that are necessary to perform so many ..
Cutting Edge by Dynamo and International Magic - DVD
Over the past 7 years, Dynamo has performed close-up magic internationally for some of the world's b..
David Hemingway's Comedy Pro-File (Including DVD) by International Magic - Book
After years of preparation, this fabulous book by magical comedy great David Hemingway, truly stands..
David Jones Openers by International Magic - DVD
An important part of any magicians repertoire is the opening effect. So how do you break the ice and..
David Williamson Full Lecture by International Magic - DVD
"David was filmed live at the Ibis hotel London, on March the 4th 1989. This 90 minutes long experie..
David Williamson Raccoon Lecture by International Magic - DVD
David presents 30 minutes of his sheer Brilliance. Performing and explaining Five of his pet effects..
Derren Brown Lecture by International Magic - DVD
A radical and new thinker in the world of close-up magic and mentalism. Derren performs forty-five m..
Designed Illusions & Design Delusions by David Hemingway - Book
For three decades the Designer Magic Workshops built major illusions and apparatus for world star ma..
JC Wagner Lecture by International Magic - DVD
At last. A live lecture from Legendary close-up bar magician J. C. Wagner! On this DVD you are going..
Jim Cellini Lecture by International Magic - DVD
For those fortunate enough to have seen Jim Cellini perform or lecture, this video needs no introduc..

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