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Invisible, Inc.

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Animated Card Thru Balloon of Death
Well, okay, so no one dies in this effect, we just wanted to get your attention. Here's the effect: ..
Bowl A Rama Kevin James with DVD instructions - Trick
A dynamic and surprising production of a real bowling ball, straight from Kevin's professional stage..
Full Bloom (2 Book Set) by Gaetan Bloom & Kevin James - Book
Full Bloom By Gaetan Bloom A 2 volume set that takes a unique look into the fertile mind of Gaetan B..
Full Bloom (2 Book Set) Signed by Gaetan Bloom & Kevin James - Book
Limited quantity autographed by Gaetan Bloom. Don't miss out! Full Bloom By Gaetan Bloom A 2 volume ..
Inexhaustible Sponge trick
The Inexaustible Sponge by Gaetan Bloom and Kevin James At anytime during your performance, you wipe..
Instant Magician by Kevin James, Jan Torell, Sonny Fontana - Trick
This is a wonderful audience participation routine from Kevin James and his miraculous wonder worker..
The Floating Rose by Kevin James - DVD
The magician invites a lady from the audience to participate. He crumples a paper napkin into a litt..
Wink Gaeton Bloom
Just One of the Effects Possible: The magician shuffles a pack of cards and places two packets int..

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