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Andrew Gerard Henderson

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Accuracy by Andrew Gerard - Trick
EffectThe performer places a one dollar bill and a one hundred dollar bill on the table along with a..
Cardiac by Andrew Gerard - Trick
EffectInvite a spectator to take your pulse. To ensure there is nothing restricting your pulse, allo..
Energy Bill by Andrew Gerard - DVD
EffectThe performer offers a demonstration of Human Energy. A bill is borrowed, signed and placed on..
Falling For You by Andrew Gerard - Trick
"Very rarely do I feel that I have created a new plot in card magic that is unique and baffling. Thi..
Ice From Water by Andrew Gerard - Trick
EffectThe performer places a clear glass of water on the table. With sleeves rolled up and both hand..
Key Accessory by Andrew Gerard - Trick
This effect has been said by many to be the most powerful Metal Bending Routine in existence, a pers..
Mind Waves (3 DVD Set) by Andrew Gerard - DVD
This 3 DVD set by Andrew Gerard is a complete look at everything you will need to know about perform..
Psyche by Andrew Gerard - DVD
EffectIt starts with a coin from their pocket; it bends in their hand and in front of their eyes...a..
Real Time by Andrew Gerard - Trick
EffectA broken pocket watch is displayed and proved to the audience that it does NOT work. A spectat..
REFILL for Scratch and Grin by Andrew Gerard - Trick
Refill for Andrew Gerard's Scratch and Grin...
REFILL Ice From Water by Andrew Gerard - Trick
Refill for Ice From Water Trick by Andrew Gerard..
Scratch And Grin by Andrew Gerard - Trick
If you have ever wanted to predict a REAL scratch and win lotto ticket for your audience, now you ca..
Street Cents by Andrew Gerard - Trick
EffectThe performer gives a spectator his/her business card folded up and asks them to place it in t..
The Process by Andrew Gerard - DVD
Andrew Gerard sits down with longtime friend, Bro Gilbert, and for the first time, reveals the invis..

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