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Joker Magic - Hungary

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Bermuda Mystery by Joker Magic - Trick
Have you heard of the mystery of the Bermuda triangle and the fantastic properties of a black hole? ..
Chinese Coin Vision by Joker Magic - Trick
This is a collection of half dollar sized Chinese Coins that can be used for many great effects due ..
Giant Cube Illusion by Joker Magic - Trick
Instant and Easy Illusion for parlor, even for Stage show. Magician shows an empty black jumbo box a..
Joker Jumbo Die by Joker Magic - Trick
The magician shows the audience an empty tube and a jumbo die.He explains that the die could be plac..
Magical Knots by Joker Magic - Trick
The performer shows a rope to the spectators. He coils it up around his hand, sprinkles a little "ma..
Penhenge Sharpie by Joker Magic - Trick
A floating Sharpie trick brings back the mystical world of Stonehenge! Everything can be examined! Y..
Production Deck by Joker Magic - Trick
The magician takes a deck of cards out of the case, shuffles and cuts the deck and a matchbox magica..
Sharpie Wonder by Joker Magic - Trick
With this Sharpie you can perform 10 "miracles"!In the end everything can be examined, it can even b..
Time Stopper by Joker Magic - Trick
The magician shows the audience a black tube and a red ball. He asks a member of the audience to pic..
Transforming Cube by Joker Magic - Tricks
The magician shows the audience a giant die and an empty black box. He places it inside the box, sna..
Volcano Die by Joker Magic - Trick
The magician tells the audience that he was visiting a volcano's crater recently, when something une..

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