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Ken Driscoll

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Anywhere Bill 2 by Ken Driscoll - Trick
In the works since the release of Anywhere Bill 1, Ken Driscoll recently found his old notes from th..
Dusheck's Force Fields by Steve Dusheck - Trick
Steve Dusheck has created two spelling forces based on the one to six force used in Hot Rod and othe..
Flight Plan & Clues by Dan Tong - Trick
This trick is actually two mentalist effects in one! The set includes, two classic effects revisited..
Gaffed Again - An Apprentice's Notebook for Card Splitters
This trick booklet thoroughly explains Ken's fantastic technique for splitting cards for use in seve..
Inside and Opposite Corner Deck book Ken Driscoll
This trick booklet not only explains both the Inside and Opposite Corner Decks in great detail, bu..
Inside Corner Deck by Ken Driscoll - Trick
The Inside Corner Deck allows you the comfort of working with a gaffed deck that will hold your brea..
Mark My Words by Ken Driscoll - Book
A complete booklet of codes, marking systems, effects, and ideas using, business cards, clipboards, ..
Reflecta Thot II by Becker/Driscoll - Trick
Ken Driscoll has modernized and perfected this classic Larry Becker mentalism effect. Ken has made t..

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