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Kevin Parker

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Cornered by Kevin Parker and Chris Webber - DVD
EffectThe corner of a card is torn off and replaced with a corner from a different card! It is then ..
Crooked by Kevin Parker - DVD
What if there was a way to make someone think that their key is bending even though it's not. This i..
Descent by Kevin Parker - DVD
This is a visual coin-through-glass that does not require magnets, wires, strings, threads, special ..
Junction by Kevin Parker - DVD
BORROW A SET OF KEYS, hold them in full view, and magically bend ONE OF THEIR KEYS! There's no key b..
Mirage (Bonus: Puncture) by Kevin Parker -  DVD
2 illusions on 1 DVD.Mirage by Kevin Parker: If you ever wanted to get your favorite bottled drink f..
Passing Thru by Kevin Parker - DVD
This instructional video teaches you how to visually push a real coin through the bottom of a real g..
Psnype by Kevin Parker - DVD
The spectator is given a deck of cards. Magician turns his back to him and tells him to cut the deck..
Solid by Hugo Leclercq and Kevin Parker - DVD
Magician magically links a borrowed pull-tab to a borrowed necklace and hands the necklace back with..

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