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Arch Triumphs by Jon Racherbaumer - Book
A book entirely devoted to the trick that fooled HOUDINI! That's right! One of the world's finest ca..
Barely Chewed by Chastain Criswell   - Trick
Chastain Criswell, the creator of one of the biggest hits in magic , TAG, brings you BARELY CHEWED! ..
Behold The Scarabaeus - Trick
A borrowed cell phone VISUALLY penetrates a borrowed water bottle. Sealed inside, it must be removed..
Bertram On Sleight Of Hand by Ross Bertram - Book
If you were to epitomize the sleight of hand of Ross Bertram in one word, it would be natural. No ph..
Birthday Magicians Handbook
The new, revised edition of the Birthday Magician's Handbook-totally redesigned, edited and illustra..
Black Water Clear Water - Trick
Turn ordinary water an eerie dark black and then clear again! This is an awesome addition to Sands o..
Black Water Clear Water Dispenser - Trick
WARNING! MUST BE AT LEAST 18 TO ORDER! This product includes chemicals and as such take notice of al..
Card Expert Entertains by Dariel Fitzkee - Book
A different card book, giving the 19 basic card effects; the 16 basic sleight of hand accomplishment..
Card Sorcery with Salt by Dr. Geroge E Casaubon - Book
Introduction by Ross Bertram. He explains who Dr. George Casaubon really is. Over 25 tricks with sal..
Card Wax Combo Pack - Trick
Introducing the most deceptive means to perform floating, spinning, levitating card effects! This sp..
Close-Up Presentation by John Mendoza - Book
The purpose of this book is to teach magicians how to become entertainers with their magic. This is ..
Complete Course in Pick Pocketing PLUS Borra Combo (EBOOK) - DVD
Now, one of the greatest books on stage demonstration pick pocketing is available in convenient epub..
Conjuring Cola DVD Vol. 2 by Nicholas Byrd and James Coats - DVD
On this DVD you will learn to perform simple, easy and fun magic tricks with soda cans and soda bott..
Conjuring Cola Vol 1 by Nicholas Byrd and James Coats - DVD
On this DVD you will learn how to perform simple, easy and fun magic tricks with soda cans and soda ..
Contact Mind Reading Expanded by Dariel Fitzkee  - Book
Fitzkee's Contact Mind Reading is considered one of the best books on this subject. Contact mind rea..
Cracked! Ultimate Sucker Silk to Egg - TRICK
* This effect includes a CD-ROM, not a DVD *Basic Effect: After changing a silk into an egg, the per..
Crazy Man's Handcuffs by Michael Ammar - Book
Effect: A rubber band is stretched between the index finger and thumb of the left hand, and a second..
Derek Dingle's Last Notes by Simon Lovell and Rich Marotta - Book
TIME Magazine called Derek Dingle "...the greatest card manipulator..." This is not because of the t..

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