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Magic Land - Ton Onosaka

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Backstabber trick Ton Onosaka
"Have you ever taken a good look at the king of hearts? He's sometimes referred to as the 'suicide..
Bicycle Built For Five Trick Ton Onosaka
Five bike-riding jokers are displayed, backs and fronts. One joker-the leader-is put aside, face-dow..
Dazzle - Trick
A trick using five red-backed jokers. One of them is set aside, and replaced with a blue-backed joke..
Four Face Assembly Goldstein
The magician proudly presents an innovative version of a classic of card magic: the Four Ace Assembl..
Lemonstration by Max Maven - Trick
Words are whimsical things.EffectThe magician demonstrates this by using six specially printed cards..
Midori trick Goldstein
The performer brings out a small object concealed in his hand. This is given to a participant to h..
Mo Monte Goldstein
At the start of the routine, the performer begins by asking the audience if they're familiar with th..
Procket by Phil Goldstein - Trick
EffectThis is a quick packet routine involving four picture cards. One shows a rocket ship; it's dea..
Size Surprise trick Ton Onosaka
In this very visual Close-up effect, the magician displays a series of five cards, ace of clubs thro..
Tonte trick (jumbo Cards) Onosaka
The classic Game of "3-Card Monte" with Jumbo cards and many surprises! Three cards are shown: two b..
Vegemental trick Goldstein
A perplexing piece of close-up mental magic. Six cards from a children's word game are used; each ..
Viva Las Vegas by Max Maven - Trick
Max Maven takes you on a gambler's holiday, where you're always a winner!Comes complete with pair of..

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