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Big Bang by Chris Smith - Trick
Big Bang is the ultimate exploding light bulb.As of June 2009, we're happy to release the latest ver..
Bloon 2.0 by Magic Smith - Trick
Bloon allows you to burst a balloon using psychic energy - and you're nowhere near it! You know the ..
Dragster trick
View Clip Effect Buckle up! You're in for a gut wrenching, nostril-flaring ride. This is a profe..
Drink Up! by Chris Smith - Trick
EffectLay a silk on your empty outstretched palm. At your command, the ghost-like form of a glass sl..
Flesh Wound by Magic Smith - Trick
EffectThis is a trick that really gets under their skin. Flesh Wound is the most gruesome, most grap..
Ignition by Chris Smith - Trick
Ignition is a key that can penetrate any borrowed object - a bill, a sugar packet, even a spectator'..
Lightning by Chris Smith - Trick
With Lightning, you'll be prepared to make a light bulb spontaneously LIGHT - blurring the lines bet..
Mark Southworth's Double Cross - Trick
Ask a spectator to hold out their hand and make a closed fist. Pull out a marker and draw an 'X' on ..
Mini Super Sharpie by Magic Smith - Trick
Predict Any Thing, Any Where, Any Time!..
Secret Stamper Part (Refill) for Double Cross by Magic Smith - Trick
In case you lose or break your secret stamper gimmick, this will make your Double Cross as good as n..
Secret Writer Part for Super Sharpie (Refill) by Magic Smith - Trick
In case you lose or break your secret writer gimmick, this will make your Super Sharpie as good as n..
Smoke Screen (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Magic Smith - Trick
Smoke Screen is a new concept in smoke magic - a tiny and silent device that reliably produces cloud..
Super Putty (Refill) for Double Cross and Super Sharpie by Magic Smith
This super strong black putty is uniquely formulated to be stronger than any other available putty. ..
Super Sharpie by Magic Smith - Trick
Imagine asking a spectator to think of any number. You write a prediction on the back of your busine..
Twilite Floating Bulb by Chris Smith - Trick
The floating light bulb is a classic grand stage illusion that has mesmerized audiences for years. T..

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