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Ambideckstrous by Jonathan Pickard
A two-card transposition routine in which the card box transforms to reveal the identity of each sel..
Between The Lines by Michael Murray - Trick
Magicbox is please to anounce the release of a revolutionary new Mentalism routine. It has long been..
Beyond ESP 3 2.0 by - Trick
NEW IMPROVED EDITION WITH IMPROVED MARKING SYSTEM! You spoke, we listened! This is the third generat..
Beyond ESP 3 by - Tricks
"Outstanding," Richard Osterlind. "Awesome," Lee Earle. "The best set of Marked ESP cards I have eve..
Burger-Ler Bunnies by Graeme Shaw - Trick
Even if your not a children's performer this is still the ideal close up effect to carry with you. "..
Every Inch a Lady by Magicbox - Trick
One of the all-time greatest packet tricks has finally been updated and improved for a modern audien..
Minted By Sandeep - Trick
A Tic Tac box is displayed and a 10p coin is borrowed from a spectator. The coin is placed on the pe..
Pet Store Profile by Graeme Shaw & Michael Murray - Trick
One of the all-time greatest packet tricks has finally been updated and improved for a more universa..
Redator by Raphael Czaja - Trick
The magician places a prediction in full view prior to the start of this effect, and points it out w..
Submodalities by Michael Murray - DVD
Filmed on location in a haunted building in the North of England, Submodalities is an unsettling jou..
Tenzing (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Simon Jacobs - Trick
Easy switches and more! Tenzing is a utility device that hides in plain sight inside your card box. ..
The Door by Michael Murray
"The Door" is not a single effect but is instead the opening to a world of possibilities. Included w..
The Eye of Rah by Stuart Routledge - Trick
Would you like to spice up the manner in which you reveal your card predictions? Wouldn't it be grea..
The Right Choice by Michael Murray - Tricks
In an effort to demonstrate the way in which fate often intervenes with our life choices, the mental..

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