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Merchant of Magic Ltd (V)

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Bold by Russ Andrews and Merchant of Magic - DVD
Welcome to Bold! Bold is a collection of 'off the wall' effects by UK magician Rus Andrews. Rus work..
Compression by Daniel Lachman - DVD
Visually Smash A Bic Pen Into One Half Its Original Size. No Switches. No Sleeves. End Clean. The co..
Dual Cyclone by Paul Knight - Trick
EffectThe Magician has two cards in his pocket. The pocket is shown otherwise empty. A spectator is ..
Fade (PAL) by Titanas - DVD
FADE is a topitless, lapless, propless way to vanish, secretly exchange or visually switch a coin. T..
Fade by Titanas - DVD
FADE is a topitless, lapless, propless way to vanish, secretly exchange or visually switch a coin. T..
Gallerian Bend by Erick Castle - DVD
A Completely Impromptu spoon bend with no gaffs or gimmicks!Powerful, Visual, and Close-up!The Galle..
Harmony Coins - Trick
The Harmony Coin changes colour to match each coin it touches! Even in the spectators own hands! A b..
HypnoTrick by Ben Williams - Trick
Now it is possible to make people believe you are a master of suggestion/hypnosis techniques without..
Labelled by Ben Williams - DVD
Labelled takes visual street magic to the next level! Imagine being able to show an unopened and sea..
Make Amends (With Gimmick)  by Wayne Fox, Produced by Merchant of Magic - DVD
Do you like 'T n R' effects but the performing environment will not allow the long piece by piece ro..
One Card Link by Ben Williams - DVD
Ben Williams unleashes O.C.L. (One Card Link), an astounding close up illusion that will BLOW YOUR A..
Pierced by Chris Piercy and Merchant of Magic - DVD
Proximity Effects by Dee Christopher - Book
Dee Christopher presents 'Proximity Effects' a collection of effects and routines straight from the ..
Re-Labelled by Ben Williams - DVD
Imagine being able to perform Labelled but in a situation where the bottle is already in view and vi..
Secret Soldier by Wayne Fox and Merchant of Magic - DVD
EffectAfter several failed attempts the magician calls in the Army to find the spectator's chosen ca..
TEARable Sessions by Ben Williams - Trick
Have You Ever Been Asked The Question:Can you do that trick where that guy threw the deck at the win..
Thought Of Cards Across Project by Christopher Williams - Book
Effect 20 cards are taken from the deck and 10 turned face up, 10 face down. The spectator chooses w..
Thought Process by Merchant of Magic and Wayne Fox - DVD
From the creative mind of Wayne Fox comes an impromptu mind reading effect for 'The Workers' Taken f..

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