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Michael Lair

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20-Oz. Production by Michael Lair - Trick
Originally appearing in Michael Lair's book "Stage Cool." Also featured in the June 2005 'Talk About..
Act 1 by Michael Lair - book
This 32 page booklet is filled with over 80 illustrations and contains:1:4 Billiard Finale Red Silve..
Act 2 by Michael Lair - Book
Safety Catch Candle to Streamers Candle to Sword Candle to Fan Invisiclip and two applications Auto ..
All Access by Michael Lair - DVD
The All Access DVD shows 18 of Michael P. Lair's top-selling effects performed. You will see perform..
Animated Origami Bill trick Lair
EFFECT: After discussing today`s economic inflation, a dollar bill is borrowed and "inflated", trans..
Appearing Sword (Telescoping) - Lair - Trick
This beautiful chrome plated metal sword measures 36 inches open, but collapses to a mere 10 inches ..
Beach Memories by Michael Lair - Trick
A beach ball magically animates in your hands!..
Big Coins! Lair
A big coin jumps from hand to hand, changes into a burst of silver confetti, and then changes into..
Candle Rewind by Michael Lair - trick
EffectAn 18" white lit candle rewinds into a 30-foot white cloth ribbon! This one never fails to get..
Candle to Fan by Michael Lair - Trick
EffectCandle to Fan is the latest creation from Michael P. Lair. Light a 15" red, tapered candle. Wh..
Candles book Michael Lair
This 48 page booklet is loaded with illustrations and covers the following:Vanish:FirefallFlashspinT..
Cane Fire by Michael Lair - Trick
EffectA flame at the magicians fingertips turns into a cane!Don`t just produce a Fantasio cane..make..
Chinese Lucky Envelope trick Michael Lair
A Chinese envelope is handed to a spectator for good luck. The magician has the spectator pick a c..
EFFECT: A half dollar magically changes into a colorful, Chinese paper fan!..
Coins! DVD - Michael Lair
16 Visual Standup Coin Effects   Invisiblair - The ultimate invisible coin gimmick is explained in..
Cool Coil by Michael Lair - Trick
You recieve a 36-foot coil, that can be pinned with the enclosed hairband holder, into your pants po..
Drinkmagic by Michael P. Lair - DVD
Featuring the International Brotherhood of Magicians' Originality Contest 2009 1st Place Award Winni..
Fan Fire trick Lair
 Flashy and Exciting Production!   EFFECT: A flame appears at your fingertips. To everyone's sur..

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