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One of a Kind Productions

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C. Pendragon Metamorphosis Foulard (Instructions Included) - Trick
"Faster than the eye", is literally how Charlotte Pendragon's performance of the metamorphosis has b..
Refill Sand for Pendragon Sands (Six Bags) - Trick
Find your sand getting low? Charlotte Pendragon's Magical Mystery Sands refill packet now is availab..
The Charlotte Pendragon Sands by Charlotte Pendragon - Trick
Charlotte Pendragon's best trick yet is making something old new again, and that is exactly what she..
Wonder Ball 2.0 by Charlotte Pendragon - Trick
A timeless piece of magic! Every great magic show needs something that levitates or floats in the ai..
Wonder Coat by Charlotte Pendragon - Trick
Optional accessory for those that have already purchased or are purchasing the Wonderball effect. Fo..

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