Outlaw Effects

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Five Shot by Outlaw Effects - Trick
You tell to the spectator that they have a free choice of any one of the 22 major arcana cards and n..
Gypsy Curse (Sanctum 6) by Outlaw Effects - Trick
Only those that believe can see the image of her true beauty, that is the Gypsy Curse. Put upon her ..
Kioku by Outlaw Effects - Trick
As we go through life, there are people, events, and images that are forever branded into our memory..
Lunaria Card by Outlaw Effects & Scott Grossberg
In the twenties and thirties, there was a fairly well-known psychic by the name of Lunaria Rose - "L..
Psi Card by Outlaw Effects - Trick
Dr. Bill and Outlaw Effects present Psi Card! Another devious weapon for your wallet arsenal! First ..
Reflections (Soft Cover) by Outlaw Effects - Trick
Now introducing Reflections V.2. Now with an additional "test" combined with an additional method cr..
Reflections Hardcover by Outlaw effects - Trick
Reflections is even more diabolical.It contains 3 different tests of psychological, emotional and be..
Sanctum 2 by Outlaw Effects - Trick
I could not believe my eyes...A box of Sanctum cards, found by chance in the back room of a bohemian..
Sanctum 4 by Outlaw Effects - Trick
Destination, Montana was where she first encountered Cornelius Hobbs. He came to see her the day the..

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