Paul Gordon

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All Backs Triple Kicker by Paul Gordon - Trick
EFFECT: Four cards are shown as having backs on both sides. Then, magically, four duplicate cards ap..
Bamboozler by Paul Gordon - Trick
Effect: Four blue-backed Bicycle playing cards are shown to have blank faces. Magically, a four of a..
Card Collective by Paul Gordon - Book
52 exciting card tricks, 100 photos and 185 jam-packed pages! Full-color cover and strong perfect bi..
Card Marvels by Paul Gordon - Books
CARD MARVELS contains 54 NEW (or previously unpublished) commercial, impromptu and doable card trick..
Copwak by Paul Gordon - Trick
LICKED at last!  Corner Of Piccadilly meets Triple Kick Monte but easier than both...and NO pocket "..
Corner of Piccadilly (Poker Size) by Paul Gordon - Trick
With minimal sleight-of-hand, four (regular) antique-looking cards are used with a 'Find The Lady/Mo..
Emulsion Cards by Paul Gordon - Trick
EffectWith minimal sleight-of-hand, eight (regular) antique-looking cards (four red/four black) are ..
Find The Lady by Paul Gordon - Trick
A really funny and magical take on Color Monte. Paul Gordon's Find The Lady is both magical and uniq..
Flim Flam by Paul Gordon - Trick
This Four-Card Monte card trick is fun, entertaining and has two great KILLER climaxes. Ideal for st..
Flushed Oil Slick by Paul Gordon - Trick
Four 10S's are shown to have black backs and four 10H's are shown to have red backs. A quick "oil an..
Jeepers Creepers by Paul Gordon - Trick
This IS a killer! Jeepers Creepers is the phrase a well-known card magician (J.C Wagner) gulped when..
Killateral Damage by Paul Gordon - Trick
Based on Paul's own Oil & Water Rainbow which was based on his Royal Flush Scam which itself was bas..
Killer OMG by Paul Gordon - Trick
A killer observation test that is easy to do, very visual & funny, ends clean and re-sets instantly!..
Live In Action (2 DVD Set) by Paul Gordon - DVD
Paul Gordon is one of the UK's busiest professional close-up card magic entertainers. All the magic ..
Oil & Water Rainbow by Paul Gordon - Trick
Nine red-backed cards are shown to be black-faced (say, black Kings) duplicates. They are mixed (alt..
OMG! by Paul Gordon - Trick
Effect:Four blue-backed cards magically turn face up, one by one, aided by a "Magic Card". Then all ..
Professional Card Magic Miracles by Paul Gordon - Book
Professional Card Magic Miracles - 32 fantastic easy to semi-advanced card tricks, 60 quality line i..
Psychedelic Foursome by Paul Gordon - Trick
This easy(ish) Packet Trick has many phases and climaxes but is fast and entertaining. The final kic..

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