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Precision Magic : David Mann (V)

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Chrome Hot Rod by Precision Magic - Trick
EffectA Beautiful Chrome Plated Aluminum rod is shown to the audience which contains six different c..
Diary Of Destiny by Benoit Pilon and Christopher Williams - Trick
Diary Of Destiny Benoit Pilon and Christopher Williams Are we in control of our lives... Do..
Exorcism by David Mann and Jon Maronge - Trick
Exorcism is the act of driving out, or warding off, demons, or evil spirits, from persons, places, o..
Face Lift by Precision Magic - Trick
EffectA card is selected and returned to the deck. After being cut to the center, the cards are spre..
Hot Rod Convertible by Precision Magic - Trick
EffectImagine having just performed your best hot rod routine and as a finale, the body of the hot r..
Killer King (VCD Instructions) - Trick
Real Card-Stabbin'-Magic! EffectOne King of Spades is marked or signed for future ID. Another card i..
Mental Fusion by Jeremy Moncrief - DVD
Effect:Two signed cards magically vanish only to reappear in a sealed card box fused together!! 1) P..
Multiplying Sphere - Trick
EffectA Kinetic Sphere multiplies at the will of the magician.Please note: This item requires the Ki..
Nevermind The Movie  by Jon Maronge - DVD
This is the DVD that teaches the NEVERmind! System. NEVERmind! Is more than just a magic effect. It ..
Omega Reel (KIT) by David Mann - Trick
The Omega Reel Kit comes complete with One Omega Reel with the Black Silkworm I.E.T Installed, 1 Gro..
Omega Reel by Precision Magic - Trick
The Omega Reel is the last reel that you will ever buy!Now that's a pretty big statement. But, if Pr..
Omega Reel Upgrade Kit - Trick
As is the upgrade kit for existing Omega Reel Owners. It includes: 1 Omega Reel Body..
Stretch Limo Hot Rod by Precision Magic - Trick
A Classic Black Anodized Aluminum Hot Rod that is 6 Inches in length. Just the right size for the Ma..
These Damn American Coins by Matt Colman - Book
EffectThree coins, two hands and a camp little purse. First off, three coins drop to the table. Coun..
Trespassing by Domenic Carbone - DVD
Imagine being able to have a bag penetration so flawless you don't have to switch bags... What if yo..
X-Link by David Mann - Trick
Just ask yourself these Linking questions: Shouldn't a new Linking Effect be the most visual linking..

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