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21st Century Knight's Tour by Lior Manor - Trick
The Chess Knight's Tour has a long and esteemed place in the history of magic and mentalism. Some of..
Bending Card trick Guy Bavli (Blue)
EFFECT: You show a pack of cards to the audience, and ask one of them to select and sign any card. Y..
Between 2 Minds (3 DVD Set) by Guy Bavli and Haim Goldenberg - DVD
Between 2 Minds, is the newest and most creative source for today's mentalism. Haim Goldenberg prese..
Between 3 Minds (3 DVD set) by Jay Lavli, Liam Gold, and Itamar Weisz - DVD
Following the world-wide success of the breakthrough DVD, "Between 2 Minds", and demand for even mor..
Cryptext by Haim Goldenberg - Trick
Double Meaning never had a Better Meaning INTRODUCTION "...Haim is a great performer and thinker, wi..
Inter-Net Bag - Trick
The Most Unbelievable See Through Forcing Bag Ever Conceived Just One of the Effects Possible: You h..
Mental Calculator trick Guy Bavli
The great thing about the Mental Calculator is that you can use it as a normal calculator. You con..
My Precious by Haim Goldenberg - Trick
The perfect, portable mentalism effect, which is perfect for stage, walk around, and close-up! MY PR..
Perfect Clear Clip Board Guy Bavli
The Clip Board is the most common and useful prop for the working mentalist. With this item you can ..
Refill Show Biz Cards Guy Bavli
Refill Show Biz Cards Guy Bavli.....
Shalosh : Stage Work by Nimrod Harel - Book
Nimrod Harel is one of the busiest mentalists in the world. He has his own television show ('Inconce..
Show Biz Card Guy Bavli
You are about to offer one of your business cards to a spectator in an especially striking way... ..
Smile for a Change by Guy Bavli - Book
How the World's Favorite Expression Can Affect Your Life What can create the most profound positive ..
Tel's Bells Herbert/Bavli
This marvelous mechanical brass bell can be slotted into lots of programs and almost any kind of com..
Wheel Of Mind - Trick
The ultimate forcing tool.The Wheel Of Mind is not just an effect, but a tool that encompasses unbel..

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