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Aleister Crowley - The Beast 666 by Donna Zuckerbrot - DVD
Aleister Crowley was an accomplished mountain climber, poet, chess player and writer. He is also the..
Conjuring Philip by Donna Zuckerbrot - DVD
CONJURING PHILIP tells the tale of researchers who experiment in communication with the spirit world..
Hypnotized - The Trance State by Donna Zuckerbrot - DVD
On command, those who have joined a hypnotist on stage seem to enter into another reality. But it's ..
Jeff McBride - A Magickal Life by Donna Zuckerbrot - DVD
Imagine a magician who reaches into his hat to pull out the rabbit he previously hid there and finds..
Madame Blavatsky - Spiritual Traveller by Donna Zuckerbrot - DVD
At a time when women, like children, were expected to be seen and not heard it was said that she lef..
Spiritualism - The Fox Sisters by Donna Zuckerbrot - DVD
This story began on the night of March 31, 1848 in an isolated farmhouse in upstate New York. Two li..
Tarot by Donna Zuckerbrot- DVD
Much more than a popular form of fortune telling, some say that a great and ancient wisdom is hidden..
The Houdini Code by Donna Zuckerbrot - DVD
Harry Houdini, one of the greatest magicians of all time was also known for exposing fraudulent medi..

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