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Channel One #12 booklet
This issue is dedicated to magic in the city of sin - Las VegasMagicians featured in this issue incl..
Channel One #13 booklet
Magicians featured in this issue include; Paul Aberstat, Raymond Smullyan, Chris Keppel, Tom Burgoon..
CHANNEL ONE - Issue 14, Series 15 LVMI Issue
Magicians featured in this issue include: Paul Aberstat, Kostya Kimlat, Syd Segal, Mike Graham, Davi..
Channel One Issue #11 booklet
This issue is devoted to the usual group of scrubs who inhabit TSDland This issue will feature inmat..
Channel One Issue #15 - Book
The Big HOHOHO IssueThis issue contains lots of great folks from the West Coast, including Dave Nels..
Channel One Issue #9 book
Anthony Miller, Sebastian Clergue and the rest of Radio Free Atlantis Productions crew wanted to cre..
Clearly Amazing trick Paul Chosse and Anthony Miller
Imagine placing a clear plastic envelope (the type they put baseball cards into) with a playing card..
The Shiva Wallet by Anthony Miller - Trick
The Shiva Wallet in an ingeniously constructed gaffed wallet which is made to look like a standard h..
The Speedloader Wallet by Anthony Miller - Trick
What is the Speed Loader? Well, simply put it is a money clip with a ID/credit card compartment that..

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