Richardson & Assoc. (Barrie Richardson)

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Astonishing Rice Jar by Barrie Richardson - Trick
This is an amazing demonstration that Barrie has brought to life once again as featured in his newes..
Boon For All Seasons book Barrie Richardson and Eric Mason
This manuscript details the use of one of the most storied and effective magic marking systems avail..
CD Barrie Richardson Collection
This cd-rom contains 43 of Barrie's best routines, tricks, and Devices. Contained in pdf file form..
Impromptu Card at Any Number  trick Barrie Richardson
If you learn only one card trick in your lifetime, make sure this is it!Learn why this is one of Bar..
Quartet trick Barrie Richardson
This effect closely follows a trick from Barrie's book Theater of the Mind. In that effect, the pe..

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