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Genii Tube by G&L - Trick
The Magician brings out a square tube and opens it to show that it is complete empty. He closes the ..
Ghost Cabinet by G&L - Trick
The magician displays a beautiful cabinet and opens the front door of the cabinet to that inside is ..
Jumbo Rising Card (Red Bicycle) - TRICK
A Jumbo-sized Deck of Bicycle playing cards is shuffled and one card is chosen freely. No card forci..
Pro Floating Rose by G&L - Trick
The performer freely displays a beautiful rose, and if desired, the rose can be examined by a specta..
Professional Fountain of Silks by G&L - Trick
The G&L Professional Fountain of Silks are known and used by performers all over the world. This is ..
Professional Rolling Table by G&L Magic - Trick
This 3 piece quality rolling stage table assembles/disassembles in seconds. The compartment built in..
Topsy Turvy Chair - Trick
Effect: The magician displays a miniature chair and places the chair into a square tube. The perform..

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