The Blue Crown

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# SELFIE by Simon R. Stefan & Alex Pandrea - Trick
Give Their Smartphone a Mind of Its OwnAfter a routine, you ask your spectator to pull out their sma..
5th Assistant (Gimmick and DVD) by Geoff Weber and The Blue Crown - DVD
A Practical and Versatile Pocket Utility The 5th Assistant takes a classic concept to a whole new le..
Americana Deck by The Blue Crown - Trick
"Jack McCall shot and killed Wild Bill Hickok over these cards!" I saw it happen, call me a liar and..
Asia Lecture Tour 2.0 by Alex Pandrea and Patrick Kun - DVD
Want to learn more than card magic? This DVD explains incredible effects using not only cards, but c..
Bandito by Alex Pandrea - DVD
Fresh from the mind of Alex Pandrea comes Bandito - A visually stunning ring and rubberband routine ..
Blue Verve Deck by The Blue Crown - Trick
Verve is defined as having vigor, spirit, or enthusiasm. The Brio Blue deck from Verve Luxury Playin..
Brick Pass by Alex Pandrea and The Blue Crown - DVD
The road to card mastery involves the pass, PERIOD. Develop a SHOCKINGLY good one with the best in t..
Burn Notice by Chris Wiehl and The Blue Crown - DVD
Burn Notice is a unique principle that allows you to reveal what a spectator is thinking with simple..
Cannibal by Kevin Reylek and The Blue Crown - DVD
In Kevin Reylek's Cannibal, a King takes a bite out of a signed selection, only to be torn open wher..
Captain & Coke 2.0 (Magnetic Coins and DVD) by The Blue Crown - Trick
NOW AVAILABLE WITH MAGNETIC GIMMICK!The ultimate modern version of Scotch & Soda just got better! Br..
Captain and Coke (Gimmick Coins and DVD) by Blue Crown - DVD
Scotch and Soda with a Quarter and Penny! Captain & Coke is the ultimate modern version of Scotch & ..
Centrifugal (DVD and Gimmick) by Magick Balay and The Blue Crown - DVD
Centrifugal has been a cornerstone effect in Magick Balay's repertoire for over a decade. Borrow a c..
CIA (Gimmicks and DVD) by Magick Balay & The Blue Crown - Trick
Powerful & DirectCIA is a versatile utility device that allows you to read the thoughts of your spec..
Coin Waltz (DVD and Gimmick)by Alex Pandrea and The Blue Crown - DVD
Coin Waltz is Alex Pandrea's take on the classic fusion plot in magic, where two objects inexplicabl..
Curator Deck by The Blue Crown - Trick
It all started with one card a week. Artist Emmanuel Jose has created every element of this breathta..
Europe by Alex Pandrea - DVD
Filmed Across EuropeFilmed over the course of Alex Pandrea's 2-month, multi-city "Minimal 2014" Euro..
Fourfit by Reuben Moreland and The Blue Crown - Trick
Reuben Moreland has been catching the eye of top industry pros from a young age. His award-winning c..
Gaff Caps by Jared Hansen & The Blue Crown - Trick
Bars and clubs are some of the best environments to perform magic. People are in a good mood, and th..

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