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Captured by James Clark - DVD
CAPTURED is the epitome of visual mental magic. In this day of digital photography where software ca..
CashCard by Black's Magic & Jesse Feinberg - DVD
CASH CARD - is a visually striking card through bill effect created by magician Jesse Feinberg, and ..
DUI by Jordan Johnson - DVD
DUI - a miracle in the making of the most prestigious kind. It's so crazy that you're spectators wil..
Gator Sealed by Black's Magic - Trick
Gatorade is the most popular sports drink in the entire world. You can find them anywhere. Now you c..
Hallucinations by Black's Magic - Trick
hal-lu-ci-na-tions: Perception of visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, or gustatory experiences wit..
How to Make a Close Up Table by James L. Clark - DVD
This is Old House meets Magic and Illusion. Every magician and card worker needs a good close-up tab..
How to Make a PK Sharpie by Black's Magic - DVD
Psychokinesis is a term that was coined in 1914 by American author-publisher Henry Holt in his book ..
International Dream Fly by Michael Afshin and Blacks Magic - DVD
A Startling New Professional Coin Routine INTERNATIONAL DREAM FLY - is an entirely new and absolutel..
Magician Magazine HOUDINI Issue - Book
Learn. Conjure. Mystify. Welcome to MAGICIAN! "There's a lot to say about the wonderful art of magic..
Migration by Jordan Johnson - DVD
MIGRATION - is a one-of-a-kind impossible location effect, where a spectator's card visually appears..
Original Dream Fly by Michael Afshin and Black's Magic - DVD
Original Dream Fly - If a magician walked up to you and made three coins appear at his fingertips. W..
Street Magic Magazine August/September 2007 Issue by Black's Magic - Book
This Issue's Highlights:Feature: Morgan StreblerSo you think that since you know how to bend a fork ..
Street Magic Magazine December 07/January 08 Issue by Black's Magic - Book
NOTE: Please be aware that the magazine itself is a Book Test and any printing "errors" are intentio..
Street Magic Magazine March/April 2007 Issue by Black's Magic - Book
This is a Bi-Monthly Magic Magazine and in every issue there is an incredible amount of valuable con..
Street Magic Magazine October/November 2007 Issue - Book
This issue's Feature is Jay Sankey, one of the most prolific creators in magic. Take a wild ride ins..
X3 Book Test by Alexander Black and Troy Cherry - Trick
X3 ~ Hoy Book Test RevisitedDavid Hoy (who performed as Dr. Faust) was a wonderful man who started o..

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