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Advanced Coin Technique: Spellbound by Brad Burt - DVD
This DVD is 1 hour and 24 minutes in length. It is filled with some fo the finest commercial coin te..
Advanced Small Packet Sleights by Brad Burt - DVD
This sequel completes Brad's long promised 2 volume series on such classic magic tools as the Elmsle..
All About Sponge Balls - Brad Burt, DVD
This 90 minute DVD is packed with information on one of the most entertaining forms of Sleight-of-Ha..
Basics Of Expert Billiard Ball And Thimble Manipulation by Brad Burt - DVD
As with all Brad Burt Private Lesson Teaching DVD's this one teaches each technique IN DEPTH. The ma..
Basics Of Expert Card Techniques Vol.1 by Brad Burt - DVD
This is the place to start if you want to learn Card Manipulation from the GROUND UP. All material i..
Basics Of Expert Card Techniques Vol.2 by Brad Burt - DVD
This is the sequel to Basics of Expert Card Technique Vol.1 and begins where that DVD left off. More..
Basics Of Expert Coin Technique Volume 1 by Brad Burt - DVD
This is the same in-depth treatment of basic Sleight-of-Hand with coins that was given with cards. T..
Basics Of Expert Coin Technique Volume 2 by Brad Burt - DVD
Segment 1 Opening Introduction Segment 2 Coin Flourish-Coin Roll Segment 3 Retention o..
Card Flourishes by Brad Burt - DVD
This IS the most complete collection of Classic Card Flourishes gathered in one place. It contains t..
Forcing: Cards And More by Brad Burt - DVD
The Classic Force is one of the most powerful sleights in the magicians arsenal. But, it is hardly e..
Gambling Sleights For Magicians by Brad Burt - DVD
One of the most requested titles in this superb collection of instructional DVD's! The Second Deal e..
Quarterly Returns Torn and Restored Card by David Eldridge and Brad Burt - DVD
If you are looking for a KILLER Torn and Restored Card then you should really consider David Eldridg..
Salad Dressing trick
An incredibly visual (and easy) three-phase Oil & Water routine that will absolutely fry them! ..
Side Steal And More by Brad Burt - DVD
This dynamic DVD will introduce the student of expert card technique to one of the best card control..
Small Packet Basics With Cards by Brad Burt - DVD
Another long awaited title. Don't let the word 'basic' fool you. This DVD has terrific explanations ..
The Chop Cup - Brad Burt, DVD
Here is a complete treatment of Brad Burt's FAVORITE magic effect! This is "Power" magic that can be..
The Linking Rings - Brad Burt, DVD
This is a truly Classic and magical 8 ring Routine found in Ganson's "Routined Manipulation". Having..
The Pass Video by Brad Burt - DVD
This is a detailed treatment of The Pass. It focuses on technique only as the applications are numer..

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